Queer(ing) Performance

FOOT 2015

February 5-7th 2015

FOOT 2015’s theme aims to celebrate, subvert and transform theatre and performance. Not only offering scholars an opportunity to share innovative and challenging research, the festival also provides an outlet to subvert rigid disciplinary boundaries through artistic works, film screenings and workshops.

This year’s theme, Queer(ing) Performance refers not merely to content that engages LGBT theatre and performance communities, but also to methodologies, which subvert linear and normative understandings of performance. Considering the performance of everyday life, alongside the digital, the staged, the imagined and the remembered, FOOT 2015 opens its doors to activists, scholars and artists who question, challenge and revolt against scholarly and theatrical norms.

Acknowledging the ways in which queer theory, alongside many traditional theatre approaches, has privileged white able-bodied, cis male subjects, the proposed theme will open up the conversation to consider the experiences and practices of marginalized populations. Rather than merely considering sexuality and gender on stage, the 2015 FOOT Festival will question broader applications of queer methodologies to performance, through diverse conversations on postcolonialism, crip studies, critical race theory and feminisms.


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